Allister Caine is a former Cygnaran Warcaster and Gunmage.

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Lieutenant Allister Cain Edit

The Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest requires a great degree of control over its students, for each is expected to
Lt.Allister Caine
graduate as an elite soldier. When it inducted an intense and troubled former hoodlum by the name of Allister Caine, the order had no idea what it had on its hands. The warcaster he became would single-handedly pioneer gunplay into an art of war. Caine’s warcaster capability was revealed by accident during his gun mage training. His Arcane Tempest instructors were relieved, for the discovery allowed them to speed the brash and defiant young man through their regimen and pass him to other hands. Even after being urged to enlist as a warcaster by King Leto—based on a demonstration of his impressive talents—Caine chafed under instruction and thirsted to put his skills to use in battle.[1]

Shortly after Caine graduated from the Tempest Academy, he made an unfortunate visit to his hometown of Bainsmarket. There he was incarcerated for the murder of a gangster of no small status. The brash new officer made no attempt to deny his guilt. Rumors suggest invisible hands were involved in extricating the upand- coming warcaster and officer from his legal troubles. This incident started his career with a black mark that has never entirely faded.[1]

Despite his significant skill, Caine’s ego and irreverent attitude made him a difficult man to befriend. He quickly gained a reputation as a loner, drifter, and scoundrel who frequented seedy dives along the borders of Cygnar and Ord. He enjoyed slumming in the guise of a common drunk to show off his unmatched skills for a handful of crowns, and his behavior often earned him a night in a jail cell. His drinking, improprieties with women, unrelenting swagger, and insubordination all precluded him from advancement. In fact, he is the only warcaster in recent history to lose his captain’s rank just weeks after his initial promotion for conduct not befitting an officer.[1]

Those who have fought alongside Caine view him differently. For any who have seen the determination in his eyes when he is outnumbered by enemies before he unleashes a blazing storm through his pistols, there is no question why he has kept his commission and the right to lead men to war. Observant soldiers who have survived these bloody engagements note Caine’s uncanny knack for finding trouble. The frequency with which threats to Cygnar have been neutralized in the ensuing chaos of these supposedly chance encounters suggests some more deliberate providence.[1]

As Captain Edit

Cpt.Allister Caine
Caine’s extravagances as a youth were genuine expressions of an irrepressible spirit and a wild abandon essential to his nature. Time has seasoned him, exposing him to the gritty reality of life during constant war and giving him the opportunity to learn from his mistakes. What was once simply reckless, instinctive talent has cooled and refined into a sublime precision in the art of gunplay. No one walking Caen can best Allister Caine as long as his Spellstorm pistols are in his hands. He has eschewed all other weapons, and he is able to rain down death from afar as easily as at the range of a blade’s thrust.The last few years have lined the rugged face of the warcaster and gun mage. He has been forced to make difficult decisions, and his skill and conviction have been put to the test. He has been involved in a complicated and increasingly convoluted web of intrigue, subterfuge, and assassination. If the full scope of his deeds were uncovered, he could be executed for treason—or heralded as a national hero, depending on how the information was unveiled [2]

At the outbreak of war between Cygnar and Khador, Caine barely maintained the appearance of a warcaster or officer. He was a man of sordid reputation, frequently at odds with his superior officers. He had the dubious distinction of being the only full warcaster at the junior rank of lieutenant, and he had been seen fraternizing with dangerous elements, sometimes meeting with wanted criminals such as former commander Asheth Magnus. Many considered him a man with few apparent loyalties. What no one suspected was that the brash Allister Caine had been serving as one of the top agents of Scout General Bolden Rebald, head of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service. The exact moment Caine began serving the CRS is known only to those two men, but it was after the gun mage was briefly held for crimes in his hometown of Bainsmarket very early in his career. Those with the political means to do so buried the details of those crimes, and the incident was quickly forgotten. He has served with the CRS ever since.[2]

Under Rebald’s command, Caine entered into a lengthy plot to eliminate an insidious threat to the kingdom. Sworn to secret oaths that could be considered treason, he worked to uncover the location of a hitherto-unknown offspring of King Vinter Raelthorne IV. The scout general feared that learning such a child existed might prompt Leto to abdicate the throne to restore a chain of succession broken by his own coup. To prevent this and the chaos that would ensue, the child had to be found and eliminated—a task entrusted to Caine.In this pursuit, Caine stalked and assassinated dozens of former inquisitors, including those directly in the service of his own superior officer. He also clashed multiple times with the traitor Asheth Magnus, who sought first the inquisitors and now the heir for his own purposes. Magnus succeeded in outmaneuvering Caine during the Menite intrusion in the streets of Caspia and escaped with the location of the heir. This hurled Caine headlong into events that would ultimately determine the course of Cygnar’s history and its rulership. The gun mage was forced to decide whether he owed his duty and loyalty to Bolden Rebald or to the stability of Cygnar itself.[2]

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