Allisteir Caine and his Spellstorm Pisols

Some men do not wear the uniform comfortably yet are such prodigious killers a nation must put them to use or risk them turned against it.

-Warmaster General Olson Turpin

Caine's warcaster capability was revealed by accident during his gun mage training. His Arcane Tempest instructors were relieved, for the discovery allowed them to speed the brash and defiant young man through their regimen and pass him to other hands. Even after being urged to enlist as a warcaster by King Leto, based on a demonstration of his impressive talents, Caine chafed under instruction and thirsted to put his skills to use in battle.

He was accused of killing a gangster while visiting his hometown of Bainsmarket. This incident left a black mark in his career that has never been forgotten.

Even with his incredible skill, Caine's attitude makes him a difficult man to befriend. His rebellious acts and bold decisions gave him quite a reputation of a loner, scoundrel, and drifter. Despite this, those who have fought alongside him know why he keeps his comission and right to lead men to war, for his skill at gunplay is as amazing as his skill at finding trouble.

As a Captain:Edit

That man was born to kill, and I will employ him to save this kingdom whatever the toll to his soul ... or mine.

-Scout General Bolden Rebald

Constant war has seasoned the gunmage, making him even more precise and cool headed than before. He has been involved in a complicated and increasingly convoluted web of intrigues, subterfuge, and assassination, this was due his service as one of the top agents of Scout General Bolden Rebald, head of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service.

Recently Caine has been involved in a threat against the whole kingdom, he seeks the location of the unknown heir of King Vinter Raelthorne IV , for the fear that Leto might abdicate his rein to restore the line that was once broke by his own coup.

This mission lead Caine to confront Asheth Magnus , also known as the traitor, multiple times, outmanouvering the gunmage during the invasion of the Menites in Caspia, and escaping with the location of the heir. Since then, Caine and Rebald work relentlessly to find the tratior warcaster and stop his plans.

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