Asheth Magnus, also known as Magnus the Traitor or Warlord, is a Cygnaran army deserter and traitor, and one of the staunchest supporters of the dethroned Vinter Raelthorne IV .

Once a proud defender of Cygnar, following the Lions Coup, Leto offered to pardon all officers whom had fought for Vinter. Magnus, rather than being pardoned, led a bloody guerilla war against his country that lasted for several months. However, after he had finally been spent, Magnus surrendered. Instead of execution, however, Magnus was demoted for his crimes, before being sent back to the front lines.

Stationed along the Khadoran border, Asheth tortured several Khadoran officers from the 5th Border Legion to death in order to obtain information. Coleman Stryker , then a journeyman stationed at the same place, immediately reported Asheth to his superiors. Asheth was subsequently demoted and got to endure six months in the brig, despite having provided the army with vital information.

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