Caen is the physical world. There are many races that roam the lands of Caen. Cean has a long history of war and suffering all most all of the known history of the planet is from Immoren , the major continent on which the action of the game takes place.


Humans - humanity were in distant prehistory created by Menoth. They immigrated to western Immoren around the time of the Cataclysm, coming from the south and the first city of Ancient Ichtier

Dwarves - from the mountainous lands of Rhul . The nation of Rhul is the oldest civilization known.

Ogrun - the Ogrun are a large and powerful species of humanoids. Most of them live within Rhul alongside the dwarves. Many others have moved to the human kingdoms.

Gobbers - the Gobbers are a diminutive species of humanoids with limited natural camouflage abilities. They are very resourceful and often work in human lands as bodgers and tinkerers.

Elves - From the lands of Ios the elves have kept to themselves for most of the recorded history up until recently. The forces of the Retribution of Scyrah came from their lands in order to recapture the frozen god Nyssor from the hands of the Khadoran Greylords Covenant. The elves originally hail from the lost empire of Lyoss in Eastern Immoren, but were forced to migrate westward by the Cataclysm. A separate brand of exiled elves, the Nyss , have been absorbed by the Legion of Everblight and form the major light infantry and cavalry component of the dragon's forces.

Trollkin - the Trollkin are a primitive species that neverthless can prove a challenge to modern armies through their bond with their larger and more primitive brothers, the full-blood Trolls.

Skorne - From Eastern Immoren, the Skorne dominate that part of the continent. They have a great deal of resources, including enslaved warbeasts, mastery of the semi-necromantic discipline of Mortitheurgy and a strong warrior culture. Combined with a thirst for conquest and the nudgings of Cygnar's former king Vinter Raelthorne "the Elder", they have started an invasion of the western lands.

Orgoth - not much is known about where the Orgoth come from all that we know is that they come from lands across the seas of a thousand souls. The Orgoth were a human empire that enslaved the humans of Western Immoren for 400 years up until mankind was given the Gift of Magic by Thamar and the Colossals, giant precursors to warjacks, were made in Caspia. The Orgoth are theorized to have served an unknown order of Infernals as a source for their considerable arcane power.

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