Centurion is a heavy warjack used by Cygnar. Cygnaran military doctrine is grounded in a preference for advanced technological development over brute force. Challenged to design a warjack to rival the size and strength of Khadoran ’jacks, the engineers of Caspia developed a hulking and heavily armored chassis and then outfitted it with some of the most advanced mechanika available. The first melee-oriented heavy warjack chassis introduced since the Ironclad forty-three years before, the Centurion was also the largest and heaviest non-colossal warjack added to Cygnar’s arsenal. Though the increased bulk makes it one of the nation’s slowest warjacks, what the Centurion lacks in speed it makes up for in durability. Many of Cygnar’s warcasters increasingly look to this steam-belching behemoth of iron as a cornerstone of the ir personal defense and battlefield strategy.[1]

Nearly unassailable via frontal assault, the Centurion is both immovable and nearly invulnerable thanks to its augmented shield. Powerful techno-arcane coils embedded in the core can generate a field of arcano-magnetic force capable of stopping a charging warjack. Even the hardest targets are ground to scrap at the working end of the Centurion’s piston spear. The wickedly sharp point, crafted for piercing layers of armor, is hydraulically powered to plunge repeatedly into an enemy, ripping through even thick warjack armor in short order.[1]

References Edit

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