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Cryx pronounced as kriks, officially known as the Nightmare Empire of Cryx is a terrifying legion of undying creatures. These worshipers of the Dragonlord Toruk are led into battle by horrible necromantic warcasters who seek to spread his blight of malevolence and life-devouring savagery over the land.[1]

The forces of Cryx exist solely to devour any and all things at the behest of the Dragonfather. Their martial strengths are speed, surprise, and force in numbers. Enemies of the undying know they must never be lax in their vigilance, for seemingly out of nowhere raiders can arrive without warning, carried across the sea aboard their infamous blackships

Situated to the southward seas of Cygnar, The Cryx empire resides in the islands of Scharde. For sixteen centuries Cryx has evolved while Lord Toruk shaped every aspect of life and death.

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