Cyclone is a Heavy Warjack used by the Cygnaran Military. The Cygnaran Armory prides itself on its innovation and technological superiority and has maintained this tradition of excellence with the introduction of the Cyclone, a singularly deadly warjack capable of terrifying displays of rapid firepower.[1]

The Cyclone’s chain guns are a refined evolution of their older counterparts on the smaller Sentinel, with smoother cycling of ammunition and a reduced likelihood of jamming after protracted fire. With two sets of spinning barrels at its disposal, this hulking ’jack is a nightmare to Cygnar’s enemies. Those unfortunate enough to find themselves caught in its field of fire are literally ripped apart in a hail of smoke and lead.[1]

Thanks to its suppressive fire, the Cyclone provides Cygnaran commanders a tool that supports sweeping advances across the battlefield, affording them greater ability to engage the enemy where and when they choose.[1]

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