Kingdom of Cygnar



Coat of Arms

Capital Caspia
Languages Cygnaran, Llaelese, Ordic, Rhulic, Khadoran, Sulese
Demonym Cygnaran
Government Monarchy
 - King Leto Raelthorne, the Younger
 - Primarch Arius
 - Lord High Chancellor Vacant
 - Kingdom of Cygnar 202 AR 
Population 8,870,000
Currency Crown

The Kingdom of Cygnar is a country situated in Immoren, a continent in the world of Caen. With respect to the other Iron Kingdoms, Cygnar is the most centrally positioned. Along its northern border, it touches Ord, Khador, and Llael, while it is bound in the east by the Bloodstone Marches. The nation's western coast lies along The Sea of a Thousand Souls and The Broken Coast. Once a province of Cygnar in the southest of the kingdom, the Protectorate of Menoth recently renounced Cygnaran rule and proclaimed itself independent and declared war on its mother country. As the conflict is ongoing, the future of a united Cygnar is unknown.


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Mostly rugged hills and very montainous in the central ragions (Wyrmwall); mostly flat or gently sloping along the Black River; high plains along the northwest and central banks; swamps along much of the coastal lowlands in the south and southwest.

Cygnar MAp

Climate Temperate in the north and central; moderated by prevailing southwest winds; more than one-half of the days are overcast in the north; sub-tropical to tropical in the south with frequent showers.


Monarchy ruled by King Leto Raelthorne and supported by a Royal Assembly.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Kingdom of Cygnar was allied to the Kingdom of Llael until that nation disintegrated following the invasion by Khador during the winter of 604-605 AR. The Kingdom of Ord are technically neutral, but lean toward Cygnar: the two kingdoms conduct naval operations against Cryx in conjunction (which has led to Khador and Ord engaging in naval battle as khadoran ships attack cygnaran ships operating alongside the Ordic Royal Navy). In addition, Ord has sent a garrison to Fellig after the fall of the Thornwood, and have, in practice, instituted a cygnaran-invited occupation of the city. King Leto hopes to play on King Baird's fears of Khadoran aggression to have Ord enter the war.

Cygnar is formally at war with Khador from 604 AR, Ashtowen 26th, following Khadors invasion of Llael. Since the outbreak of war Llael has been overrun and the Khadorans have pushed Cygnar out of the Thornwood. In addition, Cygnar is at war with the Protectorate of Menoth, since the Protectorate attempted to break down the walls of Caspia with the siege engine Lawbringer on Octesh 6th, 605 AR. Technically, Cygnar has been at war with the Skorne ever since 603 AR, when the eastern invaders briefly occupied Corvis, but it was not until 605 that the Skorne returned in force to attack Eastwall, Fort Falk and cygnaran possessions ceded to the Trollbloods.

Cygnar has the same permanent state of war with Cryx as does all the other Iron Kingdoms.


Main article: Military of Cygnar

Regarded as the technologically superior nation, Cygnar boasts many revolutionary innovations involving lightning and arcane power. The military thrives on speed and superior weaponry. Not being a bold and outright punch, the Cygnaran military is well versed at flanking, concentrated fire, and disabling opponents.


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Until recently, Cygnar has represented a haven for both Morrowan and Menite believers alike. However, the continuing war with the Protectorate of Menoth has led to many of the nations leaders and military forces, the 6th Division under Coleman Stryker in particular, to begin singling out and persecute any Menite in their path.

Ethnic GroupsEdit

Caspian (3,440,000)

Midlunder (2,720,000)

Thurian (1,200,000)

Morridane (400,000)

Goblin (265,000)

Trollkin (250,000)

Bogrin (135,000)

Rhulfolk (120,000)

Ogrun (100,000)

Ryn (80,000)

Tordoran (80,000)

Idrian (40,000)

Khard (15,000)

Scharde (10,000)

Iosan (8,000)

Umbrean (7,000)


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