The Defender is a stout heavy warjack boasting unprecedented long-range and accurate firepower without sacrificing effectiveness in melee. It is a deadly machine no enemy can ignore, as dangerous at a distance as when it closes.[1]

The primary weapon of this impressive warjack is the enormous heavy barrel, a deceptively simple-looking cannon. In addition to a rapid reloading mechanism, the cannon has mechanikal stability enhancements that provide accurate fire at tremendous ranges, aided by custom-designed targeting protocols in the machine’s advanced cortex. The Cygnaran Armory also provided the ’jack with a shock hammer whose electrical jolt causes immediate damage to an enemy cortex.[1]

The design of the Defender marked a significant evolution in Cygnaran military tactics. After bloody clashes with Khador along the northern border during the reign of Vinter III, Cygnaran generals demanded more accurate and longerranged firepower. The Armory delivered by modifying the chassis of the Ironclad to create a uniquely powerful warjack that has yet to be surpassed in its role on the battlefield.[1]

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