Firefly is a light warjack used by Cygnar based on the Charger chassis. Crackling with galvanic energy and unleashing lethal bolts of electricity to arc through the enemy. It is among the most advanced light warjacks stalking the battlefields of western Immoren today and is the culmination of years of careful research and design.[1]

The Firefly illustrates the versatility of the Charger chassis. Nothing spurs innovation like warfare, and the arcane mechaniks of the Cygnaran Armory applied many of their recent breakthroughs to this ’jack. Cygnar’s electrified weapons are increasingly designed to complement each other, and the Firefly represents that design philosophy.[1]

The Firefly was developed to support Cygnar’s stormcallers and Storm Knights. The battle machine's powerful weaponry is not reliant on a warcaster's guiding hand, making it a favorite with 'jack marshals. Storm Blades in particular favor the Firefly for its outstanding ability to provide warjack support that complements their own electrified assaults.[1]

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