Supreme Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk is the greatest military mind in recent memory. He has strived to modernize the Khadoran army, and at the same time led the army in its conquest of the south.

Irusk was born in 550 AR. His mother died early in his life, and his father, an old army veteran, was forced to raise Gurvaldt on his own. In spite of a cripling injury, his father was able to teach Irusk all he knew of war and battle. Irusk joined the Winter Guard at the mere age of twelve, six years ahead of what is normally required to enter the service.

Irusk quickly became an accomplished soldier, and it wasn't long before his superiors recognized the arcane ability lurking within him. He was dispatched to the Druzhina in Korsk at the age of seventeen. Without his magical powers, Irusk had been a frighteningly efficient soldier; with them he quickly became one of the most skilled officers in the Khadoran armed forces.

He learned to command his soldiers with an iron resolve, he saw weaknesses in strategies where his contemporaries only saw strength, and he learned to exploit his magical gift to its fullest potential. He climbed the ranks at an astonishing rate, becoming an officer at 19, a full warcaster at 21, and obtained a staff position with the High Kommand at 25. His ability to command soldiers, plan assaults, and continually obtain victory eventually landed him the position of Empress Ayn Vanar I, then Queen Vanar XI, chief advisor on military matters.

When Khador invaded Llael in the winter of 604 AR, Irusk was granted the honor of planning and executing the invasion and assimilation of Khador's southern neighbour. Beginning his campaign by seizing the cities Laedry and Elsinberg, he quickly lead his armies to capture Redwall Fortess and Riversmet as well. In a matter of days, Llael found itself under Khadoran occupation. The final breakthrough comes when Irusk seizes Merywyn, having diverted the Cygnaran soldiers sent to reinforce the city by launching a feint attack against Northguard. By the end of the year 605 AR, the vast majority of Llael was under Khadoran control.

Following the alleged death of Vladimir Tzepesci, the "Dark Prince of Umbrey", Irusk took Vladimir's former student and love interest, Sorscha Kratikoff, under his wing.

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