Hammersmith is a Cygnaran Heavy Warjack. As war continues to rage, warjacks on every side of the conflict become increasingly dependent on repairs. Supply lines grow less reliable every day, and front-line military commanders are concerned about finding their tactical options limited by faulty systems.There is an old saying among mechaniks: fewer moving parts, fewer things to go wrong and the Hammersmith was outfitted with this pragmatic philosophy in mind.[1]

Although it is built on the same chassis as the Centurion, the Hammersmith takes the idea of “unstoppable force” to a completely different level. Gone are the intricately mechanized armaments of the Centurion, replaced by massive twin forge hammers. These direct, almost brutish weapons are clearly designed for pounding metal—and anything else in their path—as flat as the farmlands of the eastern Midlunds. They are capable of rocking even the heaviest opponent back on its heels and then pressing that advantage for everything it is worth. Every titanic blow from this heavy ’jack pushes its foe back, and the Hammersmith strides forward to strike again and again in a cacophonous rhythm like an ironworker shaping metal. At the end of the deafening sequence, the Hammersmith focuses its strength to deliver one final resounding attack that violently sends its enemy hurtling backward.[1]

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