The Ironclad is a walking behemoth of metal twice the height of a man. Gigantic smokestacks blow sooty “breath” from its heartfire’s furnace, and its mechanikal eyes emit a bright orange glow that gives it a fearsome demeanor. Armed with a powerful quake hammer, the Ironclad effortlessly smashes lesser combatants to scrap.

When it came time to upgrade Cygnar’s frontline heavy warjack in the 550s, the contract went to Engines East in Corvis. This independent shop had earned its fame a century earlier creating several mainstays of the Cygnaran Army. As good as those predecessors were, they were designed on old principles evolved from mundane laborjacks. The Ironclad, by contrast, was built from the ground up to be nothing but a weapon of war.

The two most notable advances in this design are the use of a more sophisticated cortex, allowing considerably better performance in combat, and the addition of its signature quake hammer. Even when completely surrounded, the Ironclad can seize victory by smashing the earth with its hammer to send surrounding enemies tumbling to the ground. If an Ironclad cannot break something, it is safe to say that thing cannot be broken.

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