Kara Sloan
It is the commander's duty and prerogative to find the most efficient route to victory. I find that victory can typically be achieved through the total elimination of the enemy.

-Captain Kara Sloan

Captain Kara Sloan goes to war as a one-woman rifle brigade. A fighter that relies on precision and focus, she has mastered the arts of annihilation, walking into savage firefights without fear and always emerging victorius. She doesn't see herself as a gunmage, but rather a soldier whose warjacks are simply more weapons at her disposal.

The instructors of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest recognized early her talents and skill towards warcasting. Graduating near the top of her class, she was placed under the tutelage of Markus "Siege" Brisbane , serving as journeyman warcaster. He was impressed with Sloan's professionalism, developing a sense of camaraderie towards the young woman.

Despite her sucess against the Cryx, Khador and Menite armies, Captain Sloan is not popular among the troops. Holding herself apart from those under her command as well from her fellow officers, she does this as a way to overcompensate her guilty at having broken the Cygnar's military code. While she has been careful to keep it a secret, she is romanticaly involved with one of her junior officers, considering this a personal weakness, but one that she cannot live without, amid constant stress, blood and violence.

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