The Kodiak is one of the most advanced Khadoran warjacks yet created. Boasting Arcanum grade cortices, as well as the ability to traverse train that most warjacks would find impossible to cross, it is the perfect toll for fighting in difficult terrain.

Conceived in the wake of the First Thornewood War, the Kodiak was created under the reign of King Ivad Vanar in 546 AR as a sign of appreciation to the 5th Border Legion, who had remained behind to continue fighting the Cygnarans long after the war was officially over.

The original Kodiak was painted in the same color as the 5ths military uniform, a dull green to better camouflage them in the forested terrain where they would see the most use. In 606 AR, however, Emprees Ayn Vanar I ordered the construction of several new Kodiaks to be distributed among her most accomplished warcasters. Both Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk and Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff have recieved two each of these new "Imperial Kodiaks", so named because of their new colourscheme, which matches the rest of the Khadoran Army.

Despite lacking any form of offensive weapons other then its fists, the Kodiak remains of the Khadoran Mechanics Assemblies greatest accomplishments. Although King Vanar had originally intended for it to be no more then a retrofitted Juggernaut, the only resemblance between the two warjacks are their outward appearance. The Kodiak possesses heavier armor plating, as well as a larger and more heavily reinforced boiler, allowing it to sustain much more pressure without fear of exploding.

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