The Kodiak was inspired by the tenacity of the 5th Border Legion, which refused to admit defeat at the end of the First Thornwood War. Having learned many harsh lessons in that conflict, the High Kommand realized the Khadoran arsenal required an all-terrain weapon that could negotiate the dense forest. Thus the Kodiak was conceived, a ’jack capable of smashing its way through heavy foliage before delivering crushing blows with its reinforced fists.[1]

Despite the absence of cannons or mechanikal weaponry, the Kodiak is one of the finest accomplishments of the Mechaniks Assembly, uniquely suited to its role fighting in the difficult terrain of the forest and hills. This was no simple retrofitting of the traditional Juggernaut chassis. While its exterior armor plating and frame bear the classic hallmarks of its precursors, this resemblance goes no deeper than the surface. The key to the Kodiak’s power and versatility is its enormous multi-walled boiler, constructed with bands of armor grade iron to contain the tremendous pressures of its steam engine. Not only does the Kodiak boast a larger fuel capacity than similar warjacks of its size, it can run considerably hotter and at brutal pressure, providing enormous reserves of power. Once battle is met, the Kodiak’s hammer-like fists are powerful enough to crumple the steel plating of a heavy warjack’s hull. Because it carries no weapons, the Kodiak is adept at grappling enemy warjacks, slamming them to the ground or hurling them through the air with ease.[1][2]

Almost nothing can withstand the steam-driven assault of a Kodiak set into action; the ’jack barely notices obstacles and other terrain impediments. White its huge boiler grants the ’jack increased speed needed to traverse the span of a battlefield, the mechaniks also turned a potential flaw into a weapon by strategically designing an excess pressure valve on the Kodiak, enabling it to “dragon vent” this steam in a fleshmelting cloud which surrounds the warjack in concealing mist to scald nearby troops and envelope itself in a broiling fog.[1][2]

Khador spared no cost on the Kodiak’s cortex, which are among the finest produced by the Greylords Covenant. While most warjacks in Khador utilize aurum-grade cortexes, each Kodiak boasts an expensive enhanced and specialized arcanum-grade cortex. The Greylords imbue each Kodiak’s cortex with advanced algorithms for negotiating forest and hill environments, as well as routines giving it sophisticated attacks with its armor plated and spiked fists. Many Khadoran warcasters claim the Kodiak has a bestial cunning like the bear whose name it boasts, requiring little to no supervision once engaged in battle. It can automatically perform flanking maneuvers on foes, using terrain and its powerful stride to best advantage.[2]

With such wide utility, the Kodiak can be found in service throughout the Motherland’s armies, as staunch a fighter as the soldiers that gave rise to it.[1]

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