Though few are blessed enough to know Menoth's will directly, the god's mandates are set in stone and passed from one generation to the next by orders devoted to divine service. These have perfected the means to prepare the Lawgiver's chosen followers for the wars of Caen . Mikael Kreoss, a high exemplar of the Knight Exemplar, is a prime example of Menoth's wordly influence embodied by mortal man.

Kreoss was born in Khador , among a community of the Old Faith believers. When his father was conscripted into forced labor by debtors, he aspired to become a protector of the people, achieving the status of a Paladin of the Order of the Wall. Seeking a better life for his son, elder Kreoss entrusted his care to a group of Protectorate pilgrims, taking the child to the lands blessed by Menoth, to be raised among the faithful.

As an acolyte, Kreoss assailed a band of grave robbers, cracking theirs bones with his bare hands for their disrescpect to a sacred crypt. After crushing the desecrators, Kreoss prayed to Menoth for direction at the adjoining temple. There he realized his true destiny, to become one of the paladins he so much admired as a child. A passing Knight Exemplar overheard the young acolyte, impressed, he recruited the young to the ranks of the paladins.

He rose as a living legend of the Protectorate since that day, as a bringer of faith to the masses, as the wrath of Menoth incarnate.

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