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The Greater Khadoran Empire is a country in Western Immoren. The largest of the Iron Kingdoms, Khador has a rich history stretching back far before the Orgoth Invasion. Maintaining one of the largest militaries in Immoren, Khador recently invaded Cygnar in 605 A.R.

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Warmachine: Prime - 2003
Warmachine: Escalation - 2004
Warmachine: Apotheosis - 2005
Hordes: Primal
Warmachine: Superiority - 2006
Warmachine: Prime Remix - 2007
Hordes: Evolution
Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast - 2007
Warmachine: Legends - 2008
Hordes: Metamorphosis - February 2009
Forces of Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah - 2009
Warmachine Mk2 - January 2010
Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar - February 2010
Forces of Warmachine: Khador - March 2010
Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth - April 2010
Forces of Warmachine: Cryx - June 2010
Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries - July 2010
Hordes Mk2 - July 2010
Forces of Hordes: Skorne - 2010
Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods - 2010
Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight - 2010
Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros - 2010
Forces of Hordes: Minions - 2010
Warmachine: Wrath - June 2011
Hordes: Domination - November 2011
Warmachine: Colossal - 2012
Hordes: Gargantuan - 2013
Forces of Warmachine: Convergence of Cyriss - July 2013

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