Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane is a warcaster in the Cygnaran Army. Major Brisbane's acumen with fortress-breaking and the besieging of emplacements has caused his name to become almost literally synoymous with the act of siege warfare. A soldier's soldier, "Siege" takes no interest in internal scheming or political entanglements, preferring to devote himself to his job - the total annihilation of Cygnar's enemies.

Markus Brisbane was born in 565 AR (which makes him 42 years old as of 607 AR) the son of a city guardsman of Todoran descent in the city of Ceryl.

He joined the Cygnaran military as a Trencher at the age of 17, recieving additional training among army engineers and sappers at Fort Balton. His service record was exemplary up to the point at which his warcaster potential became apparent. He completed his journeyman tour under Commander Adept Birk Kimbrace. From then on, Brisbane's service record reads like a list of every major engagement in Cygnaran history - the Scharde Invasions, the Llaelese War, and the siege and assault of Sul.

Battle of Caspia-Sul

During the battle of Caspia-Sul, Brisbane was tasked with directing the Cygnaran siege efforts on the walls of Sul. These walls had stood unbroken for hundreds of years, resisting the attacks of even the Orgoth during the height of the rebellion. Crafted of peerless stonework serveral feet thick and layered with the combined prayers and blessings of generations of Menite priests, cracking these walls had long been considered to be impossible by military strategists.

When confronted with this impossible task, Major Brisbane calmly appraised the unbreakable walls across the river, requisitioned more cannons and defenders, and proceeded to shell the city walls of Sul continuously for two months. The walls finally buckled and broke when Brisbane capitalized on a structural weakness in the foundation caused by river erosion. No one knew of this structural flaw until the wall started coming down.

The knowledge of how to build walls to hedge out the wild places was one of the first gifts of civilization that Menoth bestowed upon mankind. The act of breaking down a bulwark of such historical and religious importance to the Menite faithful constitutes an act of blasphemy which has earned Major Brisbane a spot near the top on the Protectorate's most wanted list.

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