The Cygnaran military is one of the most technologically advanced in the world as well as the largest army in the Iron Kingdoms.  In recent years it has been forced to be defensive; since the outbreak of war in 605 AR, simultaneous attacks on all its borders - from Cryx, Khador, the Protectorate and the Skorne, as well as a growing trollkin insurrection internally have drained Cygnar's war readiness.

All soldiers within the Cygnaran Army is subject to the dictates of the Warmaster General (currently Olson Turpin), as well as King Leto himself. Other important figures are the Navarch Govan Trent, head of the Cygnaran Navy, the shadowy spymaster Scout General Bolden Rebald of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service (CRS) and Duke Mayhew Dergeral of Ceryl, who has informal influence over the Cygnaran 4th army.

The Cygnaran is organized into four primary divisions, or "armies":

1st Army - the largest army, it defends the northern border of Cygnar. After the fall of the Thornwood, the army holds the line along the Dragon's Tongue River from Point Bourne to Corvis .

2nd Army - tasked with the defense of the coasts against Cryxian incursions.

3rd Army - the second largest army, it recently rebuffed the Protectorate's invasion of Caspia. It is also responsible for the defense of Fort Falk and Eastwall against Skorne invasion.

4th Army - the smallest army, it is based in the northwestern city of Ceryl and holds the Ordic border. Recently, the 4th Army has moved troops eastward to force a trollkin insurrection out of Crael Valley. Because the the 4th army protects the comparitively peaceful Ordic boarder the 4th has been used as a dumping ground for undesireable service men and women from other, more active armies.

Recently a fifth branch has been added under the command of Lord General Colman Stryker.  Formerly refered to as the Storm Division due to a focus on Storm Chamber technology, it remains to be seen whether that designation will change now that its commander has been promoted to Lord General.


Lt Allister Caine - a rogue, hellraising member of the Order of the Arcane Tempest of gun mages, he has 2 Spellstorm magelock pistols and a sword as well as a set of spells to defeat his enemy. Promoted to Captain in late 606 AR. Secretly working for the CRS under Scout General Bolden Rebald, attempting to ferret out the blood heir of Vinter "the Elder" Raelthorne, King Leto's ousted brother, former tyrant king of Cygnar.

Captain Victoria Haleyfrom a small coastal town in Cygnar, she has a hand cannon and a vortex spear as well as a set of spells to dismember her foes. During a confrontation with her twin sister, the Cryxian warwitch Deneghra, she lost her right arm, which was replaced by a mechanikal one. Promoted to Major in 606 AR.

Commander Coleman Stryker – armed with a disruptor pistol and a sword called quicksilver as well as a set of spells to defeat his opponents. Stryker was promoted to Lord Commander in 606 AR, and oversaw the isolation and incarcaration of Cygnaran Menite civilians on Bloodshore Island.

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo – one of Cygnar's most respected inventors and officers as well as a high-ranking member of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry. Nemo is the inventor of much of Cygnar's Storm Chamber technology, including the weapons and armour of the Storm Blades, the Firefly Light Jack and the recently completed cygnaran telegraph system. He was promoted to General in 607 AR after relieving the Northguard against the first major Khadoran offensive. When Northguard fell later the same year Nemo's general staff relocated to Corvis.

Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane - Siege is a specialist in breaching armour and fortifications. He is armed with a Rocket Cannon and his battle hammer Havoc.

Captain E. Dominic Darius - Cygnar's premier arcane mechanik, Darius rides his steam armour to battle. He specializes in 'jack support.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye - a member of the CRS, Jeremiah Kraye excels at getting the best performance out of his 'jacks in terms of speed and manouvre. He is one of the few warcasters who rides a horse in battle.

Captain Kara Sloan - Kara Sloan is a different breed of gun mage than Allistair Caine. She carries an oversized magelock rifle and concentrates on getting the best ranged performance out of her battlegroup.


Light WarjacksEdit

Charger – armed with a Duel Cannon and a Battle Hammer.

Lancer – on the Charger chassis. Armed with a Shock Shield, a War Spear and an arc node.

Sentinel – on the Charger chassis. Armed with a Chain Gun and a Assault Shield .

Firefly - on the Charger chassis, equipped with Storm Chamber - weaponry: and Electro Glaive and a Storm Hammer lightning gun. The jack is equipped with conductor technology that makes it immune to electrical attacks and enables it to augment the range of Stormsmith Stormcallers.

Hunter - a new jack-hunting lighter chassis, the Hunter is equipped with an armour piercing Long Arm sniper cannon and an axe.

Grenadier - designed to support Trenchers and based on the Hunter chassis. It is armed with a grenade launcher and a mattock.

"Thorn" - Victoria Haley's personal Lancer, Thorn is equipped with experimental arc node technology.

Heavy WarjacksEdit

Ironclad – armed with a quake hammer and open fist.

Cyclone – same chassis as the Ironclad. Armed with 2 Metal Storm chainguns mounted over open fists.

Defender – same chassis as the Ironclad. armed with a Heavy Barrel (cannon) and a shock hammer.

Centurion – more heavily armoured and slower than the Ironclad chassis. Armed with a piston spear and protected by a Polarity shield.

Hammersmith – on the same chassis as the Centurion. Armed with two hammers.

"Thunderhead" - Sebastian Nemo's brainchild, this unique jack is powered by oversized storm chambers rather than a steam engine.

"Ol'Rowdy" - Coleman Stryker's personal Ironclad, that has attuned itself to his mind and developed protective capabilities.

"Triumph" - Markus Brisbane's modified Defender with a more accurate cannon and a shield instad of a shock hammer.

"Avenger" - a hevily armed and armored warjack built to rival Khandor warjacks. Armed with a stun blade and seismic cannon.


Arcane Tempest Gun Mages – light infantry made up of 1 leader and 5 Grunts all armed with a magelock pistol and a sword.

Field Mechaniks – made up of a Crew Chief (leader) armed with a Rivet gun and a Monkey wrench and 3-5 gobber grunts armed with a monkey wrench they have the ability to repair damaged friendly ‘jacks

Long Gunners - line infantry consisting of a Leader and 5-9 grunts all armed with Repeating Long Guns and a sword. They can be reinforced by a command section consisting of an officer and a standard bearer.

Stormblades – infantry made up of a Leader and 5 Grunts armed with Storm Glaive Blast for range and a Storm Glaive for Melee. They can be expanded by up to 3 Storm Gunners carrying long-range electrical guns and/or an officer and a standard bearer.

Storm Guards - infantry fighting in 6 to 10 man units similar to the Stormblades, the Stormguard are geared for melee with Voltaic Halberds that feed power into the unit leader's Nexus Generator.

Storm Lance Heavy Cavalry - 3 to 5 man unit cavalry wielding Electrical Lances that can be used both as lances and fire bolts of electricity.

Sword Knights - 6 to 10 man armored knights armed with powerful swords that can cut through steel, these knights are a formidable force capable of tearing Warjacks to scarp.

Trencher Infantry – made up of a Leader and 5-9 Grunts armed with a Military Rifle and a Bayonet. They can be reinforced by Rifle Grenadiers and a command section consisting of an infantry officer and a sniper. Trenchers are flexible, highly trained infantry.

Trencher Commandoes - 6-10 man trencher stealth and infiltration specialists. They can be reinforced by up to 3 Scattergunners.

Trencher Chain Gun Crew - 2-man crew equipped with a chaingun.

Trencher Cannon Crew - Short-rang field cannons crewed by 3 Trenchers.

Rangers - light infantry 6-man unit trained by the CRS, scouting, skirmishing and marking targets for heavier guns.

Stormcaller Storm Tower - equipped with new technology, this two-man crew calls down lightning to surge across the battlefield.

Precursor Knights - members of a militant Morrowan religious order, these warriors are specialized in healing and fighting the undead. The unit consists of 6-10 men and can include a command section with an officer and a standard bearer.


Journeymen Warcaster – armed with a Hand Cannon and a Mechanika Blade some abilities but most of all the ability to command ‘jacks like a warcaster.

Gun Mage Captain Adept - A high-ranking member of the Order of the Arcane Tempest, serving as a specialist gun mage.

Stormsmith Stormcallers - arcanist trained in the use of the Stormcaller mechanikal stave, that can call down llightning blasts on enemies. Working in conjunction, they can suffuse the field with bolts from the heavens.

Trencher Master Gunner - a Trencher NCO specializing in artillery direction.

Squire - a warcaster support solo, the Squire is a small clockwork 'jack incorporating new technology to extend the powers of warcasters.

Captain Maxwell Finn - a highly experienced Trencher, Cpt. Finn improves the performance of Trenchers.

Captain Arlan Strangewayes - an accomplished mechanik, Cpt. Strangewayes can boost the performance of 'jacks or repair them.

Major Victoria Laddermore - Storm Lance solo. She carries a number of experimental devices built by General Adept Nemo.

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