The Military of the Protectorate of Menoth has risen rapidly since the establishment of the theocracy, growing from a small, hobbled self-defense force to a force capable of subduing the Idrian tribes to a real army capable of challenging both the Cygnaran and Khadoran militaries as an equal. Hierarch Severius holds the direct allegiance of the army through the Temple and Scrutators. The army is composed of a number of military orders that are divided between Garrison and Crusade forces. The former hold Protectorate territory, the latter are typically offensive forces or reinforcements to hard-pressed areas.

The different military orders are:

The Knights Exemplar - led by Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss, this order was the main martial arms of the Temple for a long time. They emphasize strict, rigid training and absolute obedience to the will of the Scrutators.

The Flameguard - led by Feora, the Protector of the Flame. Formerly serving primarily as guardians of temples and holy sites, they are now the most numerous of the Protectorates military orders and serves as its main body of trained manpower.

The Order of the Fist- led by Holy High Allegiant Haveron Grayden, who co-founded the order alongside former Hierarch Garrick Voyle, these monks serve primarily as internal security forces, policing the citizenry of the Protectorate.

The Order of the Wall - few in number and led by Grand Paladin Trentor Boridor, the Order of the Wall is an ancient institution, the oldest military order. Protectors of the people, they have been disfavored in the Protectorate over the Knights Exemplar.

The War Priests - headed by War Sovereign Holven Marguile, these priests support Protectorate forces by prayers and blessings. They provide the Choir of Menoth as well as control the Holy Zealots, irregulars that make up the main body of the armed forces of the Protectorate.

Lesser martial orders, such as the Deliverers.

Current garrisons and crusades:

The Northern Crusade - under the leadership of Preceptor Gorran Mejers. This Crusade is focusing on the Protectorate's operations in Llael. It is the largest single force currently operating.

The Leryn Garrison - under Preceptor Kantis Loron. The Garrison supports the Northern Crusade and holds the city of Leryn, recently wrested from Khadoran control and the gateway of northern Menites into the Protectorate.

The Sul Garrison - Visgoth Juviah Roven leads this garrison, that recently repelled the Cygnaran invasion of Sul and supported the attack on Caspia.

The Imer Garrison - the six Visgoths of Imer are responsible for the defense of the capital.

The Ichtier Garrison - Scrutator Sovereign Jarok Shaw commands this small garrison of reserves in the extreme south of the Protectorate.

Tower Judgement Garrison - led by Visgoth Enjorran Sollers, the Tower Judgement guards the Northern Border against Cygnaran and Skorne aggression.


High Exemplar Mikael Kreoss - although young Mikael, recently immigrated from Khador, was drawn toward the Paladins, he eventually entered the ranks of the Knights Exemplar. A noble man in a sometimes difficult position, he is well-loved by the people and was promoted to Grand Exemplar when the eldritch Goreshade slew his predecessor in 606 AR. He currently heads the northern Crusade alongside Severius.

Grand Scrutator Severius – an old man in his eighties, the Grand Scrutator is one of the Protectorate's most accomplished faithcasters. He is utterly devoted to the will of Menoth, utterly ruthless in his actions and utterly convincing in his sermons. When Hierarch Garrick Voyle fell in battle in 607 AR, Grand Scrutator Severius was chosen as the new Hierarch by the Harbinger.

The High Reclaimer – head of the Reclaimant Order, he ushers souls into the afterlife and uses their energy to power his magic. The High Reclaimer willingly entered Urcaen in 606 to gain further insight into the will of Menoth and returned as the Testament of Menoth, carrying the Omegus to prevent enemy necromancers access to Menite souls.

Feora, Priestess of the Flame – the architect of the modern Flameguard, Feora was supported by former Hierarch Garrick Voyle. Formerly driven more by her ambition than her faith, she gained a spiritual epiphany during her defense of Sul and the title Protector of the Flame. Her ambition still remains boundless.

Thyra, the Flame of Sorrow – leader of the Daughters of the Flame, Thyra was a normal Protectorate citizen until her family was killed by mercenaries in Cygnaran pay, retaliating for her village militia defending a local garrison. Her warcaster potential awoke as a result of the trauma, and Thyra led a band of insurrectionists into Cygnaran territory until she was captured by Exemplars. Condemned for operating outside the Temple hierarchy, Thyra would have been executed had Feora not inducted her into the nascent Daughters of the Flame. She is fiercely loyal to her mistress.

High Allegiant Amon ad-Raza - an Idrian drawn from the ranks of the Order of the Fist, Amon commands warjacks in battle as few others in the Protectorate.

The Harbinger of Menoth - a young, blind girl that floats above the impure ground, she hears the voice of Menoth and serves as the Hierarch's spiritual advisor. Frequently receiving visions, warnings and portents, her agenda is inscrutable, but she is filled with divine power. She is the most powerful conduit for the divine on Caen and quite possibly the greates spiritual event to graze Western Immoren since the Gift.

High Executioner Servath Reznik - the High Executioner is a ruthless and brutal servant of the Scrutators. He Wracks his enemies during battle and is quite proficient at jack handling.

Vice Scrutator Vinductus - The Vice Scrutator is greatly adept at converting the common people to the will of Menoth and never travels anywhere without an escort of Holy Zealots.


Until recently, the Protectorate was forced to build its warjacks in secret to avoid discovery by Cygnar. This means a number of their warjacks were camouflagued as laborjacks and build with open fists that could grip weapons.

Light WarjacksEdit

Repenter – armed with a Flame Thrower and a War Flail

Redeemer – on the Repenter chassis. Armed with a Skyhammer rocket launcher and a Battle Mace

Revenger – on the Repenter chassis, enhanced by a divine Arc Node. Armed with an Halberd and a mechanikal Repulsor Shield.

Vigilant - on the Repenter chassis. With two Shield Fists, this 'jack protects infantry near it.

Devout - designed to protect warcasters in battle, the Devout stands in the way of attacks with its Great Shield and can strike preemptive strikes with its Pole Axe. It is a new, lighter design than the Repenter, built for reaction and speed.

Dervish - utilizing the Devout's reacton for offensive purposes, the Dervish is armed with two swords.

"Blessing of Vengeance" - Severius' long-serving Revenger has learned a number of tricks during its time of service.

Heavy WarjacksEdit

Crusader – the earliest currently operating Protectorate warjack chassis, it wields an Inferno Mace and an open fist.

Templar – same chassis as the Crusader. Armed with a Flail and Shield.

Vanquisher– same chassis as the Crusader. Built without deception, it wields a Blazing Star and a Flame Belcher.

Guardian – a heavily modified Crusader carrying an arc node, this warjack wields a flame pike and an open fist.

Reckoner – a new line of faster Protectorate heavy jack, the Reckoner favors assault warfare with its Condemner cannon and Consecrator Mace. It constantly emits smoking incense to blind and confuse opponents.

Castigator - a variant of the Reckoner armed with two Flame Fists. It can superheat the air around it by venting its heartfire and releasing gusts of Menoth's Fury.

Sanctifier - another Reckoner variant, the Sanctifier is blessed by the Reclaimant Order and can use the soul energies of dead Menites to improve its performance. It is armed with an open fist and the "Grave Maker", a Menofix-shaped axe.

"The Avatar of Menoth" - a special project by the Vassals of Menoth directed by the Harbinger, the Avatar seemingly operates without a cortex, directed by Menoth's will.

"Fire of Salvation" - Mikael Kreoss' personal Crusader, it has developed an aggressive stance.

"Scourge of Heresy" - Reznik's modified Vanquisher. The High Executioner has replaced the Flame Belcher with a flaming sword.

"Blood of Martyrs" - Thyra's personal Crusader, the jack can act far faster and is more nimble than is normal for the Crusader chassis. It is armed with two blades.


The Choir of Menoth – these chanting priests, fielded as 4 or 6 man units, augment the performance of Menite 'jacks. Led by a War Priest.

Holy Zealots – 5 or 9 armed civilians led by a War Priest who can use prayers to increase their effectiveness, the Zealots throw firebombs at the enemy and attack with maces in melee. Sometimes joined by a Monolith Bearer, to increase their fervor.

Deliverers - 6 or 10 man units armed with simple rocket tubes firing Skyhammer rockets, the Deliverers are inaccurate but can be devastating to light troops

Deliverer Sunburst Crew – this 3-man light artillery ballista is crewed by Deliverers and fires incendiary bolts.

Knights Exemplar - fielded in 6-man units, the armoured Knights Exemplar grow increasingly furious when they lose their compatriots. They wield Relic Blades.

Exemplar Errants - 6 to 10 man units that can be increased by the inclusion of an Officer and a Standard Bearer. Having foregone the holy Relic Blades for missions deep in enemy territory, the Errants wield Heavy Crossbows and swords.

Exemplar Bastions - 3 to 5 man Exemplar units wearing the impossibly heavy Bastion armour, the Bastions can share each others' pain and stay in the fight longer. They fight with Consecrated Halberds.

Exemplar Cinerators - fielded and armoured similarily to Bastions but also carrying shields, the Cinerators carry Blazing Swords to set the enemy afire and gain speed by the loss of their compatriots.

Exemplar Vengers Heavy Cavalry - the Vengers, who fight in 3 or 5 man units are strengthened by the loss of their compatriots. They fight with swords and Blessed Lances.

Temple Flameguard – the mainstay of the Flameguard fight with shields and flaming spears in 6 or 10 man units. They can be augmented by an officer and standard bearer.

Flameguard Cleansers - 6 or 10 man units carrying flamethrowers, they started out as internal police but are currently serving as battlefield troops.

Daughters of the Flame - 6 - woman units, all widows of Protectorate soldiers, fight with two swords, emphasising speed and manouverability.

Idrian Skirmishers - capable outdoorsmen fighting with rifles and kopis swords, fielded in 6 or 10 man units, these Allies can also field a Chieftain and Guide.

Visgoth Rhoven and Exemplar Bodyguard - Juviah Rhoven is the garrison leader in Sul and will take the field accompanied by his Exemplar bodyguards Gius and Cassian.


Exemplar Seneschal – laying into the enemy with two Relic Blades, the Exemplar Seneschal is hard to kill as he gains strength from his anger when nearby Protectorate soldiers are killed.

Exemplar Errant Seneschal - The Errant Seneschal is a war veteran with extensive wilderness experience that nearby Errant units can profit from. He is armed with sword and Heavy Crossbow.

High Exemplar Gravus – Sarvan Gravus is a Venger and brings the mace Reverence to the field.

Nicia, the Tear of Vengeance – Nicia joined the Daughters after her husband Heltus was killed in the line of duty as a Flameguard. She wields a two-handed sword with an inbuilt cannon.

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist - these warrior monks take the field with only punching gauntlets as weapons.

Hierophant- a veteran war priest carrying only a staff, he can augment the abilities of Protectorate Warcasters.

Attendant Priest - this war priest oversees mercenaries and allies in employ of the Protectorate.

Paladin of the Order of the Wall - this elite warrior carries heavy armour, a tower shield and a Firebrand magical sword and can enter a defensive stance.

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon - one of the more accomplished swordsmen on Caen, Dartan Vilmon carries the two-handed magical blade Censure. He teaches other Paladins the Impervious Wall stance, which can stop almost any attack.

The Covenant of Menoth - this religious text was unearthed in Ancient Ichtier and is carried into battle by unarmed war priests. It can perform miracles on the battlefield.

Reclaimer - the Reclaimer ushes souls into the afterlife, but not before using their enegy to power 'jacks. He wields a flaming Cinerator mace.

Vassal Mechanik - a mechanik from the Vassals, he repairs 'jacks. Armed with a wrench.

Vassal of Menoth - an unarmed, often unwilling and chained Vassal arcanist, me can augment 'jacks by using his magical powers.

Wracks – deployed three at at time, the sufferers on the Wracks can boost the powers of warcasters nearby - but they risk destruction when channeling divine power.

Battle EnginesEdit

Vessel of Judgement – the Vessels contain the remains of a Menite Priest-King and is towed in battled by the divinely augmented strength of a brawny Zealot. A war priest uses the spiritual power of the Priest-King to affect miracles on the battlefield and his rage to smite the enemies of the Protectorate.

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