Minions refer to various groups in the wilderness of Immoren that act as mercenaries either willingly or unwilling to various powers in the wilderness of western Immoren or the invaders from the east. War brings risk to life and limb, but it also brings the possibility of great rewards. Some minions are merely unconventional sell-swords with peculiar backgrounds who have made allies on the fringes of civilization. Others are of species unable to muster large-scale armies but are willing to fight alongside more powerful allies who will help defend them. A number of wild species have been caught up in the recent wars, whether by accident or deliberate manipulations. This includes the hardy and tenacious farrow, a species of pig-men with cunning similar to humanity’s, as well as similarly intelligent species lurking in the swamps and bogs such as gatormen, bog trogs, and wild gobbers. Whether persuaded or coerced into battle, these groups often possess unique abilities that can give a commander a much-needed edge. Although minion forces are not as well supplied as full faction or kingdom armies, their inherent diversity is an asset not to be underestimated.[1]

Minion Forces Edit


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