the Minuteman fills a critical role in the battlefields due to it's ability to swiftly reach any part of the battlefield and obliterate the enemy with a punishing short-range assault. It was designed to circumnavigate any obstacle, giving the Cygnaran Army a warjack with unparalleled mobility. Over time, it has become a favorite of Cygnar’s warcasters, particularly those who favor rapid assault tactics in the otherwise impassable trenches of no man’s land.[1]

The Minuteman is a product of numerous advances in mechanikal warfare. Utilizing a precisely designed series of compression chambers, the warjack can vent its heartfire through an arcane turbine that powers a special propulsion system to launch it briefly into the air. Upon landing, it can annihilate entire squads of infantry with its short-range grenade launchers, clearing its line of sight to an intended target. The Minuteman can then unload its dual short-range slug guns into the enemy. Each of these forearm-mounted guns fires a sizable piece of metal that generates considerable stopping power, making this light ’jack capable of damaging even heavy warjack armor, so long as it can get close enough.[1]

When not clearing infantry, Minutemen are often deployed in pairs to assault heavy ’jacks, using their battlefield mobility and powerful armament to preempt the attacks of more lumbering enemies. Relying on nimbleness over heavy armor of their own, a pair of these ’jacks can quickly cripple many enemy warjacks or keep them occupied until other assets can be brought to bear.[1]

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