The Order of the Wall is an ancient brotherhood of Menite paladins, whose self-sacrificing mission is to protect Menoth's flock from the trepidations of the wilds. Founded thousands of years ago, in recent years the Order has seen a sharp decline in numbers, due to both the strictures and high demands of the Order's chosen way of life, as well as the dislike of the Visgoths and Scrutators, whom view the paladins as unreliable and untrustworthy, due to their tendencie to refuse orders in order to preserve life.

Following the breach of the walls of Sul by the Cygnaran military, fully half of the Orders members have rallied to the defense of the first capital of the Protectorate. Many of these paladins have donned a variant of the traditional paladin armor, known as the Armour of Mourning. The valiant sacrifices of the paladins have promoted an unexpected upsurge in the number of people looking to join this ancient organization, especially among the Idrians of Imer. If this is a temporary trend, or perhaps an opportunity for the Order to experience a rebirth, remains to be seen.

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