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Hierarch Severius


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484 AR

The Protectorate of Menoth pronounced as MEN-awth, usually referred to simply as the Protectorate, is a fundamentalist theocracy and the youngest of the Iron Kingdoms. It was founded in 484 AR, following the Menite uprising during the Cygnaran Civil War. [1]

The devoted masses of the Protectorate of Menoth march forth from the gates of their cathedral fortresses to enlighten the surrounding heathen nations for the Creator of Man Menoth’s greater glory, whom they worship fervently and believe all others should follow suit. While lacking in technological sophistication they more than make up for with devotion and strength of numbers. Virtually the entire population of the Protectorate can be called to war in times of need.[1]


The Protectorate is the product of the Cygnaran Civil War. This brutal conflict, in which the Hierarch Sulon drew cygnaran Menites to Caspia in response to real and imagined insults to the Menite faith from the Cygnaran government and instigated years of urban war there, ended in 484 with the death of Sulon. The Protectorate was established after the war, beholden to Cygnar and refused the right to an army and warjacks, and ceded eastern Caspia , renamed Sul in Sulon's honor. However, the Hierarchs (and Synod of Visgoths when no Hierarch ruled) following Sulon expanded the new nations' borders east - and soutward at the expense of the Idrian tribes living there. The tribes were converted or enslaved, and eventually the Protectorate reached all the way to the ruined city of Ancient Ichtier, the birthplace of the Menite faith. During these conflicts, the Protectorate raised an army in secret: labourjacks with military-grade cortexes were built, the Temple Flameguard and Exemplars (allowed for self-defense) were expanded and the population was trained for quick mobilization and war. Eventually, the capital was moved from Sul to the former Idrian village of Imer, now built up into a modern city. The discovery of diamond and gem reserves in the new territories was used to bribe officials, pay the yearly tribute, and conceal the new army. In addition, the invention of Menoth's Fury, distilled from mineral oil on Protectorate territory, enabled the construction of unique fire-based weaponry in the form of grenades, shells and flamethrowers. The Protectorate was gearing for war on Cygnar and the reestablishment of the dominion of Menite priests in the Iron Kingdoms.

After the outbreak of war with Cygnar in 605 AR, the Protectorate have captured territory alongside the Bloodstone Marches and in Llael with their Northern Crusade. This has brought the young theocracy into conflict with Khador , who previously supplied them with arms and warjack cortexes to destabilize Cygnar. The Khadorans also resented Khadoran menites leaving the Motherland to settle in the Protectorate and harshly punished anyone caught attempting to do so. The seizure of Leryn in 607 AR from Khadoran occupation has firmly established the position of the Protectorate in the north, drawn the ire of the Khadorans, and has enabled ever more pilgrims from Khador to swell the ranks of the Protectorate army.


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Unsurprisingly, being so close to the Bloodstone Marches and the eastern desert, the Protectorate has a very warm climate. There are very few areas where crops can be grown.


The undisputed leader of the Protectorate of Menoth is the Hierarch, currently Hierarch Severius. His advisor, the Harbinger of Menoth, has a direct link to the Creator of Man and provides divinely aspired advice. She was essential to the peaceful ascension of Severius to the seat of Hierarch. Similarily tied to Menoth is the Reclaimant Order under the High Reclaimer, but this order does not participate in the politics of the Protectorate.

Below the Hierarch are the Temple of Menoth and the Synod of Visgoths in Sul. Since Severius prefers a hands-on approach to the situation in Llael, the Visgoths run the day-to-day affairs of the Protectorate. The Temple has jurisdiction over the Priesthood and the Scrutators and over them to the rest of the Protectorate's civil and military organization.

Foreign RelationsEdit

In 605 AR, on the 6th of Octesh , the Protectorate brought the giant siege engine Lawbringer against the walls of Caspia and attempted to breach them, starting the long-anticipated war with Cygnar. Hierarch Garrick Voyle died during the 607 invasion of Caspia and was replaced by Hierarch Severius. Due to the then-Queen Ayn Vanar imposing a blockade of essential war materials to the Protectorate, the Protectorate have gradually drifted into open war with Khador, culminating in then-Grand Scrutator Severius' seizure of Leryn alongside the Llaelese resistance in 607 AR. Occasional border conflicts with the Skorne around Tower Judgement have yet to erupt into full-scale war.

The Protectorate have also been affected by Cryxian coastal raids and are currently (608 AR) evacuating Menite population from rural Llael, which is suffering under cryxian infestation.


Main article: Military of the Protectorate of Menoth

The Protectorate, despite having nowhere near the numbers to efficiently contend with its larger neighbours under normal circumstances, have recently been able to win a large number of victories against its enemies, thanks to a combination of religious zeal, efficient use of their rather limited resources, and being able to deploy the majority of their forces along a single front, as well as being able to mobilise a little over a quarter of the populace.

Most of the Protectorates forces are divided among several militant orders, almost all of whom are based around some ancient order whose task it was to safeguard the Menite clergy. The largest of these orders is the Temple Flameguard, whose task it is to guard the Menite Temples from infidels and enemies of the faith, and policing the population.

The Second largest order are the Knights Exemplar, whom serve as the armoured fist of the Scrutators, although recent conflicts has seen their role geared more and more towards fighting external threats to the rule of the Visgoths rather than keeping the masses in check.


There is no god above Menoth.

There is no labour unendurable in the name of Menoth.

There is no pain unendurable in the name of Menoth.

There is no fear unassailable with faith in Menoth.

There is no object that cannot be given up for Menoth.

There is no word other than the Word of Menoth.

There is no end. There is a place for us all at the feet of Menoth.

- The Canon of the True Law


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The Temple of Menoth

All other religions are outlawed, although merchants and mercenaries of other faiths are tolerated as long as they give Menoth his due as the Creator of Man. The former religions of the Idrians have been outlawed although some still practice them in secret.

Ethnic GroupsEdit

Sulese, Idrians, immigrants of the Menite faith from all over Western Immoren.


The lands of the Protectorate have always been poor in natural resources, the three largest being oil, which is used to create Menoth's Fury, diamonds, and the people living in the area. The majority of the Protectorates exports have thus consisted of diamonds and other jewels, whom the Protectorate place no real value upon, but which the Cygnarans were willing to pay large amounts of money for. These same jewels were also used as bribes to keep officials from reporting any discrepancies to the Cygnaran government.


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