Pyre Troll

A Pyre Troll summoning flames from its fists

Pyre Troll are a breed of Trolls with an unique affinity to fire. They are able to expel gouts of combustible liquid that ignites in the air, sticks to flesh, and burns at hellish temperatures. Even their skin exudes heat, smoldering ripples that warn of the inferno to come. While their prey is roasted alive the Troll uses its thick claws to tear apart its sizzling victim.[1]

Pyre trolls are a bizarre and dangerous evolution of the “pitch trolls” more common along the fringes of the Marches, particularly east of Ternon Crag and near Scarleforth Lake. Their skin is tinted dark burgundy to ochre to blend in with red desert sands and better stalk their prey. Pyre trolls prefer hot climates and are often found sunning on scalding rocks. However they are also noticeably less intelligent than most trolls. While the exact reason for their fiery abilities are unknown it is hypothesized to be a byproduct of digestive distress caused by the toxic substances the trolls consume, including rocks, metal, oil, and plants considered deadly to most species amd known to enjoy drinking unrefined Menoth’s Fury. Whatever the source of this blazing regurgitation, its effects are memorable: desperate foes thrashing madly about the battlefield in an effort to extinguish the clinging flame.[1]

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