Whether enveloping the enemy with crackling electrical fields at range or driving the opposition to its knees with titanic blows in melee combat, the Reliant brings invaluable combat versatility to Cygnar’s storm arsenal. As the count of smoking and shattered bodies has grown, the Reliant heralds a new era for Cygnaran battlefield technology.[1]

The Cygnaran Armory designed the Reliant to expand Cygnar’s storm-based weaponry to fill different strategic roles. Just as the older Defender and Ironclad complement one another, the Reliant was engineered to support the close-fighting Stormclad by delivering a longer-ranged storm-generating attack platform without entirely sacrificing melee capability.[1]

Key to this strategy was the Stormbringer, the new ranged weapon designed specifically for the Reliant. The Stormbringer is capable of generating and projecting electrical fields at distance—fields that linger as swirling storms of crackling power to keep enemy infantry at bay while insulated Storm Knights charge through without hindrance.The Reliant’s pulse hammer is a less complex but tremendously effective mechanikal melee weapon. The pulse hammer can generate a powerful electrical discharge and thunderclap. Those in proximity are rendered senseless and hurled to the ground by the thunderous report, making it easy for the Reliant or other allies to finish them off.[1]

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