The first Cygnaran warjack outfitted with the infantry-shredding chain gun, the Sentinel fills an essential role on the battlefield. Its rapid-fire weapon enables it to cut down wide swaths of infantry, making it invaluable against charging platoons of Winter Guard, tides of Menite zealots, or waves of Cryxian mechanithralls.[1]

It was the invention of the chain gun that set this warjack apart. This intricate machinery was advanced beyond anything seen until that point. Designed by the brilliant Albere Gungria, a member of the engineering department of the Royal Cygnaran University and consultant to its Strategic Academy, this innovative weapon was the first to feature brass casings that allowed rapid belt-fed ammunition. Sentinels often fight alongside trenchers, drawing concentrated fire from enemy infantry. To protect the warjack, Gungria outfitted it with a heavy assault shield large enough to cover most of its chassis. The shield allows the Sentinel to maintain a withering hail of gunfire against an enemy position.[1]

Closing with a Sentinel costs enemies dearly. Once within striking range of the machine, they encounter the crushing power of its assault shield. The warjack has few rivals when deployed in the hands of cunning warcasters who know how to exploit its firepower.[1]

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