A Warcaster of Khador . Sorscha Kratikoff is one of the premier users of ice magic in Khador, and is known for being a very cold and uncomprimising woman. Her primary weapon is her scythe Frostfang, which was made for her as a gift for completing her warcaster training.  

Early HistoryEdit

Sorscha's father left Sorscha and her mother to join with his unit while she was 13. Later that month, it was heard that he was amongst the slain at the Boarsgate Massacre by the Butcher of Khardov. 

Sorscha lied about her age 2 years later at the age of 15 and joined the Winter Guard and was known as an exceptional soldier. She participated in 3 consecutive tours at Ravensgard near to the Llaellese border and was found to have natural tactical acuity and sent to the Druzhina for Officers Training and eventually rose to the rank of Kovnik. From here, Warcaster Torisevich took her under his wing and valued her tactical input. 


Sorscha awakened to her Warcaster abilities while she was a Kovnik during a conflict on the Ordic border where Kommandant Torisevich and most of the men under her command were slain. She picked up a nearby scythe (as this battle was taking place in a farm) and charged at her opponents, outnumbered 10 to 1. During this combat she was wounded on the leg and suddenly found that in a burst of power all around her had frozen solid. She placed her hand on a nearby Juggernaut to steady herself and it awakened to her control. 

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