In the days following the Lion’s Coup, King Leto set his engineers to the task of developing a new weapon to serve his loyal Stormblades in the field. The Stormclad was the resulting masterpiece, a suitable addition to their ranks. By taking the impressive bulk and chassis of the Ironclad and arming it with a weapon of incredible raw galvanic fury, Leto’s engineers crafted a walking tempest of steel and lightning.[1]

When the new warjack was demonstrated for the Stormblades, the knights’ roaring cheer confirmed that the Cygnaran engineers had created a machine of unprecedented capabilities. Each Stormclad bore the banner of the unit to which it was assigned, a tradition the Stormblades uphold with pride.[1]

The Stormclad is equipped with an accumulator that draws on the excess galvanic energies emitted by storm glaives, processing the charges through a modified storm chamber into the warjack’s own cortex. Its primary weapon is the generator blade, a massive mechanikal sword built following the same principles used in designing the Stormblades’ smaller storm glaives. The energy flowing through the generator blade allows the Stormclad to cleave through the heaviest armor like lightning splitting a tree, projecting cataclysmic electrical blasts with every impact[1]

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