Stormsmith Storm Tower
Stormsmith Storm Towers
are Stormsmiths that support Cygnaran troops with the power of Storm Towers. Supported by stormsmiths skilled in calling down the powers of the heavens, knights and warjacks march to battle armed with the most advanced weaponry known to man. With so many of Cygnar’s arcanists fascinated—some would even say obsessed—with the destructive capabilities of electricity, new electromechanikal weapons are constantly being developed. [1]

The storm tower is one of the most potent applications of storm technology, an outgrowth of developments made when Sebastian Nemo was perfecting Cygnar’s new telegraph system. After creating the massive generator towers required for sending signals long distances, the mechaniks of the Cygnaran Armory refined these components toward developing more portable variants designed to manifest and control raw electrical energy across the battlefield. When activated, the tower emits a field that aggravates the atmosphere directly above. Storm clouds coalesce instantly and lightning streaks downward, creating a circuit between the tower and the sky. The stormsmith operating the weapon aims the apparatus via a mechanikal rod used to direct its galvanic fury. Precise timing is vital for the proper use of a storm tower, as its operator must cease the atmospheric agitation within a narrow time frame or invite electrocution.[1]

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