The Temple Flameguard is an organization tasked with preserving Menite temples throughout the Iron Kingdoms. Most numerous in the Protectorate of Menoth, the Flameguard serve both as police, temple guardians, and soldiers for the various crusades.

The Flameguard have been used for times immemorial to guard, police and garrison Menite houses of worship. Originally armed with large, spiked torches (still used outside of the Protectorate), the current incarnation of the Flameguard were instituted by Hierarch Sulon during the Cygnaran Civil War.

In the present day, the Flameguard serve as the main fighting force of the Protectorate, and their numbers have greatly expanded under the rule of Hierarch Voyle. Led by the Priest/ess of the Flame, currently Feora, the flameguard stand at the forefront of the Menite war-effort.

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