A Titan is a large, four-armed herbivore native to the steppes of the Skorne Empire. Roaming the savannah in great herds, wild titans are usually peaceful creatures unless provoked. Under the rule of the skorne, however, the titans have become living siege enginees, capable of unleashing tremendous amounts of violence.

The paingiver Morkaash was the first skorne to tame the titans, using a blend of torture, narcotics, and his own will to dominate the creatures, until he eventually broke them to his will to such a degree that they would die for him if he willed it of them. Since the time of Morkaash, the skorne have made extensive use of the titans, both as beasts of burden and as weapons of war.


The most common use for titans in battle is as Gladiators, a term referring to those titans whom show the greatest potential for close quarters combat. The creation of a Gladiator is rather simple, if somewhat cruel. After a titans has been chosen to become a Gladiator, the paingivers have several painful hooks inserted under its skin, piercing nerveclusters which cause the titan tremendous pain. In order to encourage agressive behaviour, these hooks are removed when the titan accomplishes any directive given unto it by its master.

When in combat, the hooks are removed as well, partially to encourage the titan to perform well in combat, but also so that the armor the titan is covered in during battle does not aggravate the hooks, which would otherwise cause the titan to frenzy.


The invention of blackpowder and the cannon led to another niche for the titans, that of living siege-engines. Cannoners are smaller then their Gladiator cousins, being less suited to close combat. Most cannoners are also female, by virtue of the females being better co-ordinated then their male counterparts. Most of their pain hooks are removed as well, since the pain they inflict would only be a hindrance to the cannoner.

The cannons used by the skorne are large and unwieldly things, requiring three of the titans arms to properly load, aim, and fire. Although titans are intelligent enough to do this on their own, they are not really proficient with their weapons, and often requier the attention of a warlock or paingiver to perform their duties properly.


The bronzeback is the largest and most valuable titan. Impossible to raise in captivity, bronzebacks must be captured in the wilds and then subjugated by the paingivers before they can be used for any form of combat.

A bronzeback is the largest male of any titan herd. Before undergoing the transition to bronzeback, the titan consumes vast amounts of food to add to its bulk. When the transformation occurs, its upper arms grow longer, a second pair of tusks grow from its mouth, and the skin along its back hardens and turns bronze, with a crest of hair growing up in the middle of the stripe.