Trencher Cannon Crew

Trencher cannon crew at the heat of battle

Trencher Cannon Crews provide support to Cygnaran troops and pound enemies with their cannons. Constantly battling their way forward, Trencher artillery crews haul their cannons into the fray across any terrain. The crews dig hasty positions on high ground, throw up sandbag barricades, and prepare to fire. These cool, professional gunners, chosen as much for their steady nerves as their killer’s eye, calmly consult tactical maps and shout orders above nearby explosions. The gunner checks wind, elevation, and range before launching the shell with a muffled explosion. The cannon crews have gained a reputation among their fellows, not so much for turning the tide of battle themselves as for sending the enemy flying with tremendous precision and clearing the way for Trencher platoons to pour forth from cover and end the exchange with a rush of cold steel.[1]

With their short barrels the Trencher cannons may resemble close-ranged naval ordnance, but in truth the Cygnaran army engineered these quite-modern cannons to maximize portability and accuracy. They enhanced the latter with a breech-loading system as well as conical shell and rifled barrel instead of the older ball shot and smooth-bore guns. Though the range does not equal the Khadoran mortar’s, it remains impressive and comes with no appreciable loss of precision. The Khadorans have learned a grudging respect for these cannons, particularly after discovering them dug in and fortified right up against the forward lines.[1][2]

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