Cygnar Chain Gunner
Trencher Chain Gun Crews
armed with the chain gun, one of the most pivotal weapons in Cygnar’s arsenal, serve a crucial role on the battlefields. Once in position the crews open up on the enemy and force them to take cover or be cut down where they stand; the withering fire of the chain guns is more than capable of chewing apart whole units of men in seconds.[1]

The chain guns fire so quickly it is scarcely possible to distinguish the sound of one shot from another among the continuous blaring gunfire as the weapons are cranked into action. The trenchers themselves find the distinct report soothing, a constant reminder that the chain gunners have their backs in battle.Gunners are grim even by the standards of the Trencher “Gravediggers.” They know that even with the protection of shoveled-out trenches defended by a weapon delivering a devastating rate of fire, the odds are stacked against them. Every chain gunner carries a vast amount of ammunition into battle—and prays he lives to fire every shot.[1]

References Edit

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