Cygnar Commandos
Trencher Commandos
are the elite of the Trencher corps.The toughest soldiers of the Cygnaran Army have always been those who serve in the Trenchers. But even among these hard-as-nails grunts there exists an elite few. Honed by years of warfare in some of the most brutal fighting in all of the Iron Kingdoms, these “best of the best” are singled out for intense special training in a variety of advanced skills, including infiltration, covert action, and knife fighting. Those who pass this grueling course earn the right to become commandos, highly specialized trenchers who are the first of Cygnar’s special forces sent into harm’s way.[1]

Commandos often operate behind enemy lines. Whether crawling across a no man’s land to eliminate enemy sentries or appearing out of nowhere to take down units in key positions in seconds, they are adept at neutralizing advance threats. They can clear even more substantial fortifications with coordinated grenade attacks. More than one foxhole full of Winter Guard has been devastated by commandos lurking just a few feet away. Once they have crossed the enemy line, commandos wreak deadly havoc among artillery batteries, advance command posts, and other critical positions. Often squads are tasked with specific objectives necessary to ensure the success of a larger military action. At other times a squad may spend weeks deep in enemy territory, where they disrupt supply trains, sabotage rail tracks, and generally cause hell with the enemy’s logistics and morale alike. When their mission is complete they return to their trencher brothers and prepare for the next assault.[1]

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