Trencher Infantry

Trenchers in Combat

of Cygnar have earned a reputation as men of grit who can be found at the forefront of every battlefield. Sometimes informally called “gravediggers,” they are the first onto the field and often the last to leave. It is the trenchers’ duty to precede the vanguard and prepare the battlefield. Across trench lines and hastily dug emplacements, they seize ground and hold it, enduring concussive blasts of fire from cannons and warjacks to buy time for the rest of the army to advance[1]

Trenchers began as an experiment by Cygnaran generals to see if hard training could shape surly or insubordinate youths into skillful warriors and every trencher endures a harsh regimen to be forged into a soldier capable of enduring the horrors of war. These steadfast soldiers embody the courage of young Cygnaran patriots, each aware that on any given day he or his friends may return home in a box. Trenchers are armed with heavy rifles ready to be set with trench knife bayonets, and they carry hazer smoke grenades that emit thick, grey clouds of smoke to obscure their position from the enemy. When the time is right, trenchers charge forth from their ditches to decimate the enemy with bayonets and rifles.[1]

Over the years many retired veterans have answered the call back to duty to train the next generation for war, eager to teach recruits their first lesson: “Once a trencher, always a trencher.”[1]

References Edit

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