Trencher Infantry Officer and Sniper
Trencher Infantry Officers
are officers of the Trencher Corps. Pound for pound there’s no soldier in the Cygnaran Army as tough and battleready as a trencher. Even so, only time and experience uncover the few who can dig in under heavy fire and keep their edge for weeks of unrelenting tension when food, water, and ammunition run low. The lives of many of these soldiers end in wet ditches cloaked in smoke. Those who survive may be promoted through the ranks; many a capable soldier has proudly ended his career with a sergeant’s stripe. Lifers demonstrating considerable leadership ability might earn an officer’s commission. In times of peace, this requires attendance at the Strategic Academy for a crash course in logistics, strategy, doctrines of war, and the vital training to command warjacks. More often, a newly promoted officer receives training in the bloody school of no man’s land.[1]

Chosen for their natural talent and coolness under fire, the highly trained Snipers demonstrate exceptional skill and marksmanship. They are powerful assets in the field who can whittle away at an enemy before their squad closes to lay down concentrated fire or make a bayonet charge.[1]

References Edit

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