Male and female trollkin 1

A typical female and male trollkin.

Trollkin are the most civilized of the various troll speicies living in Western Immoren and can be found in both cities and wilderness villages all over, though they more often reside in the latter. They stand roughly  between 6' and 7' on average and have a life expectancy of around 150 years. They share several physical characteristics with their bestial Troll cousins, including hairless, thick skin, rocky growths sticking out of their skin, and prehensile head spines. Trollkin are able to change the color of their skin depending on what climate they reside in and what diet they ingest. More arid regions turn a trollkin's skin grey or brown, temperate regions often have blue trollkin and arctic regions tend to turn a trollkin's skin a very pale blue. Trollkin skin also tends to pale as they grow older. Almost always, a trollkin with sorcerous potential is born as an albino (more on that later). 

As with all troll species, Trollkin are most known for their regenerative capabilities. 

Trollkin are most reknown for a number of things, including their incredible endurance, ceaseles stamina, and most of all, their regenerative capabilities. A trollkin is capable of regrowing a lost appendage or organ given enough time and food. It usually requires months for a trollkin to regenerate something as big as a severed arm or leg, though eyes, ears and other smaller wounds can be regenerated in a mere matter of weeks. The nutritional demands of their regeneratitive abilities are extensive, and regenerating an appendage requires a lot of food, which, combined with their already large stature, has given them a repuation for voracious appetites.