Zu is a continent of Caen situated south of Western Immoren The continent is inhabited by the Zuese and has recently attracted the attention of the major powers of the Iron Kingdoms. Zu is surrounded by warm, crystal-clear coastal waters beyond a narrow coastline of ivory sand, suddenly swelling to jagged limestone mountains and dense, untamed rainforests that are home to many unknown beasts. First discovered in 596 AR by Captain D.H. Wexbourne and his ship the Seacutter, Zu was thought to be only a legend until exotic goods brought from this distant land began to flow into Immoren and convinced merchants of its authenticity [1]

Notable Locations Edit

Konesta- Also called Komara due to an ancient that once existed in the same place, Konesta is the main port and trading hub of Zu. Due to the locals opposing the landing of foreigners in other coastal settlements Konesta acts as the hub where traders from countless villages, towns, and tribes representing the diverse peoples of the continent meet visitors from Immoren. Thus Konesta remains the sole place for Immoren’s merchants to obtain the lucrative goods available only in Zu.[1]

References Edit

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